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Many businesses do not appreciate the real value of a good, keyword strong domain name as an asset for their business. There is huge potential to increase your number of enquiries by using a second website or pointing another domain towards your main website. Let us help you to uncover the true value within this mini cars domain name by explaining in further detail...
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Looking for Mini cars online? Welcome to the home of Mini cars on the Internet where you can find all the information you need.The keywords for this domain name get a huge number of searches per month, making the keywords mini and cars incredibly valuable. When you purchase a domain name such as this, it gets a natural boost from google, thanks to its exact match of the keywords used. There are over 1,000,000 searches for mini cars made each month and every dealership would like to be at the top of that search.
By taking a realistic 5% of this search traffic, this would still net your business over 23,000 visits to your website or holding page. From the 23,000 hits, a dealer could expect to receive over 1,150 enquiries for mini and cars, allowing you to sell a lot more cars. The higher you are able to rank this domain, then the more traffic you will receive and this will also increase your enquiry rates for mini cars. You can verify the above search numbers for mini and cars are accurate by visiting the independant appraisal website Estibot.
The value of a domain should not be calculated in terms of what it costs you today, but how much extra business can it bring to you. If a small percentage of enquiries generate more sales, you could still be looking to sell an extra 10-20 cars per month. Depending on margins, this could easily be between £10-20,000 profit per month.
Over the course of a year, the purchase of could be generating over £200,000 more profit. If you own this, not only will you enjoy these extra profits every year, but the value of your purchase will continue to rise. Now you can see the true value in a good name. Not all domains enjoy the exact keyword match boost, meaning that mini cars will easily rank high with google when people search for'mini cars' with no further expenditure. This is a highly valuable asset for such an important brand in mini and you should not want to allow your competitors to purchase it before you.
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